Tea Tree Mulch Cairns


  • Premium Enriched Potting Mix – 30lt

  • Tea Tree – 40lt
  • Hard Woodchip – 40lt
  • Cypress Pine – 40lt


  • Wood Shavings – Boot Bag


  • Tea Tree Mulch
  • Hard Woodchip
  • Cypress Pine Chip
  • Potting Mix [Custom blend potting mix orders available upon request]
  • Hardwood Saw-Dust

    Bulk delivery Tea Tree Mulch

    Walking Floor trailer unloading Tea Tree Mulch


  • This new product is a beautiful rich red colour and looks fantastic.
  • Tested and approved for chicken farms.
  • Ideal for stables and work yards.


Premium Enriched Potting Mix

  • NEW BAG DESIGN – 30lt
  • A specially selected blend of quality ingredients chosen to maximise potting success and usability.
  • Materials used in the potting mix are all pure and clean products.  There is absolutely no recycled mulch from garden waste or cyclone debris. This will help stop the spread of pests
    and diseases.
  • Premium Enriched – Contains: peat moss / water crystals / perlite / slow release fertilizer / organic materials /  scoria
  • All natural raw materials

Tea Tree

  • Beautiful rich brown colour, with a strong sweet aroma.
  • This product has been used and approved by the Qld Forestry Dept. because of the extreme heat process it goes through, which kills potential pests and diseases.
  • Fine-cut mulch

Tea Tree Mulch

Hard Woodchip

  • Very long lasting
  • Red in appearance
  • Good coverage
  • Coarse-cut mulch


Cypress Pine

  • Naturally Termite Resistant
  • A rich golden brown colour
  • Medium to coarse-cut mulch
  • Pleasant aroma


Wood Shavings

  • A clean product excellent for horse stables, chicken coops and guinea pig hutches etc.
  • Sourced from sustainable local Caribbean Pine logs which are free from contaminates.
  • Available in our ‘Boot Bag’ (chaff bag size) and Bulka Bag


*** NB: Most of our products are also available in Bulka Bags ***

Bulk Mulch Potting Mix

Bulka bags, also known as FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) or bulk bags, are made from polypropylene, and are large lightweight bags capable of holding 1m³ or 1 tonne. They can be handled by crane, Hyab, forklift, or even helicopter are suitable for onsite crane or forklift use for the ease of relocation of bulk products saving you money and time and they are perfect for awkward or restricted areas.

** Please contact us via phone or email to discuss orders

We can also supply:

  • Sands & Soils
  • Garden mixes
  • Lawn dressing